Pre Preperation Area Equipments

We manufacture and export kitchen equipment and appliances and we also provide complete consultancy for planning of kitchen layout along with ventilation plumbing drainage and electrical layout plan.

Wet Masala Grinder

Ideal machine for grinding of wet Indian masalas especially south Indian Dosa mix etc.

Model Capacity
PIWMG-5 5 Ltr.
PIWMG-10 10 Ltr.

Potato Peeler


Model Capacity
PIPP-10 10 KG./Charge
PIPP-15 15 KG./Charg
PIPP-20 20 KG./Charg

Meat Mincer

IOuter Body made of stainless steel sheet. Rest made of cast iron. Provided with high quality SS blades for mincing.

Model Capacity
PIMM-25 25 KG./Hr.
PIMM-40 40 KG./Hr.

Meat Slicer


Model Capacity
PIMS 25 KG./Hr.







Vegetable Processor